Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy lifestyle

Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy lifestyle

Here are some actions that you should avoid in your daily life to have a better healthy body and mind.

  1. Never walk right after having a meal. Wait at least 45 to 1 hour before going for a walk.
  • Taking a shower right after a meal is a bad idea. Because during a shower, blood flows around the stomach to other parts of the body instead of helping with digestion.
  • Never drink water right after having a meal, unless you are choking or if there is another emergency of a same kind.  wait at least 30 minutes. If you really need to drink something because you ate something spicy, have something sweet in a form of a solid instead.
  • Have your fruits before your meal to maximize its nutrients. This way you will feel more fuller and eat less.
  • Never go to bed right after a meal. It will slow down your digestion and increase your weight gain.

These are some good habits to adapt for a healthy lifestyle.

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